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Romotioncam x harbuer india

We are pleased to announce a recent collaboration between Romotioncam and Harbauer India, which saw the execution of a Proof of Concept (PoC) initiative in Tamil Nadu, India.

This collaboration aimed to showcase the capabilities and adaptability of Romotioncam’s technology in practical settings. The PoC initiative focused on demonstrating the effectiveness of Romotioncam’s solutions in partnership with AiRobo Infinity, a prominent provider of drone solutions in India.

Through this collaboration, we aimed to illustrate the potential advantages of integrating Romotioncam’s technology with AiRobo Infinity’s drone solutions across various industries. The collaboration provided a valuable opportunity to showcase the seamless integration of Romotioncam’s technology with AiRobo Infinity’s drone solutions, highlighting its potential to enhance surveillance capabilities and streamline workflow processes.

The successful execution of the PoC in Tamil Nadu underscores our commitment to innovation and delivering practical solutions that address real-world challenges. We look forward to further exploring opportunities for collaboration and driving innovation in the industry.

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